The monster aims a chair
at the man who was, at 
an earlier point in his 
life, called a heel. He
swings at a scar, not sure
where the man got it. The
monster called the man self-
righteous because he 
refused to let the monster
touch his kilt. Many 
men flooded the ring, all
of whom, like the monster
hated the guy who had
the balls to come to a
wrestling ring in a kilt.
The monster called to all
his men, asking that they
come to the ring armed with
chairs. He then disrobed
the kilt-wearing man, thought
about setting the red thing
on fire. It was repulsive,
so close to what one of 
the monster’s ex-girlfriends 
might have worn on a date,
but that was before marriage
and kids made the monster
sterile. He had no choice
except to keep hitting the
kilt-wearing man once for 
every time he refused to
wear American clothes.

— Poetry

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