My App Idea

After our in class brainstorm session focused on community, our group realized that housing in Toronto is an issue. I chose to focus on the nightmare that is finding a place to rent in Toronto because it is a real problem and great source of stress that many yonge professionals (including myself) face on a regular basis.

People are not paying attention to this issue because the rental market is so inflated and competitive and landlords know it. Landlords know that they can take cruddy photos/jack up the price of rent and people will still come.

Another issue is that renters have to sift through multiple sites (Walk score, View It, Padmapper ext.) that often have out dated or incorrect information only to find that the place has already been taken.

This is a big deal for Toronto because its making it extremely difficult for yonge working professionals to find and affordable place to live — thus driving them out of the city and depleting the pool of potential talent.

Im not yet sure what the solution this problem is yet, but I do believe an app that could provide a more streamlined and organized rental process could help to eliviate stress for both landlords and renters.