Introducing: One Neat Thing

A simple newsletter. Scratching my itch to create something new.

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Like most people, a million ideas a minute come and go through my headspace — most never seeing the light of day. Every so often though one comes along that seems to linger.

The last one I had turned into Ways We Work, and while this one certainly has no goals to grow into what Ways We Work has, it’s still scratching my itch to create something.

I love creating content, and I love having real conversations about how people work and what the future of work looks like. But, like most people my interests are multi-faceted and lately I’ve been feeling the urge to create a space where I can share my other interests as well.

Enter One Neat Thing (I’m real creative with my naming schemes). It’s a newsletter where every day I share one thing that I think is neat. It could be a product, a project or a person who is doing neat things.

It’s something fun that will get me writing and curating on a daily basis, in small manageable amounts. There’s just so many things I nerd out over and being able to share the different things I enjoy in this simple format is something I’m looking forward to.

That’s it, that’s all.

Next Tuesday I’ll be sending the first newsletter, you can subscribe to get that here.

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