2016 Will Be the Year of the Plant Butcher
Janay Laing

For those asking why you’d bother making vegetarian/vegan products that resemble meat, here is one possible answer (I can think of a few): Not all vegetarians chose a meat-free diet because they don’t like the taste meat. I would wager that a vast majority of them have enjoyed meat-eating in the past, but became vegetarian for ethical reasons. I would be confused if there was someone who didn’t eat meat because they don’t like the way it tastes or smells yet wanted their veggie products to taste and smell as much like meat as possible. But for most of the vegans and vegetarians I know, it’s not about not “liking” meat, it’s about not liking how it’s made or where it comes from. The “ethical reasons” vary widely; some people believe it’s cruel to eat animals, while others just think livestock farming is a tremendous waste of resources and bad for the environment (because it is). For some, it’s religious reasons. Whatever the reason, many of them are thrilled to find that they can still get that bacon-y flavor out of something “cruelty-free”.

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