From Corporate America to Full-Time Yoga Teacher with Katie Roll

Katie Roll - Atlanta based yoga teacher

I met Katie Roll while practicing yoga at Active Sol yoga studio in Atlanta. I was immediately drawn to her classes, and I kept coming back. I would come home and tell my boyfriend, Ryan, how cool Katie’s classes were and how spunky her vibe was.

“Why don’t you ask her to go for coffee?” he suggested.

I fidgeted nervously. That was completely outside of my comfort zone. I knew he was right though. This girl was cool and I wanted to be her friend.

She must have been on the same wave length as me, because the following day she started following me on Instagram and we got to talking.

One coffee date turned into another, and we quickly became fast friends. Not only do we both love yoga, but we also love travel, food, tea, and reading.

Hallelujah, I found my yogi soul sister in Atlanta!

The more I got to know Katie, the more I found myself inspired by her. Just a few years ago, she was an international training manager for Teavana, working in various locations in the Middle East. She was offered a promotion, and instead of taking it, she gave her notice of resignation. She was tired, burnt out, and unhealthy.

She made her way back to the United States, and set out to complete her Yoga Teacher Training, while healing her body and mind from the stress of her corporate job.

A few months later, she hit the ground running as a full-time yoga teacher, and hasn’t looked back since.

Katie came on the podcast to share her story of becoming a full-time yoga teacher. She shares the ups and downs of being a yoga teacher, everything that she’s learned in the past few years, and how her life has changed through yoga.

To find out more about Katie’s journey, check out the episode here, or stream on iTunes.

Originally published at on March 3, 2016.