8 years later….

and looking toward the next 30

When I think about the turn of events that have transpired in my life over the past 8 years I am a bit in shock. I’ve operated and still continue to operate a successful photography business, have gotten married, mourned the loss of all four of my grandparents in a three year time span, moved three times, traveled nationally and internationally with my clients, went back to school to become a holistic health coach, and maintained a 50+ pound weight loss, considered re-locating to Austin, Texas and did six trips in the past 2 years and still find myself un-decided.

Wooah… that makes me tired just thinking about it. I’ll be the first to admit this journey hasn’t been all flowery and amazing. In fact, it’s been the complete opposite. There are more days than I count that I have wanted to throw in the towel on my business, to go completely off the plan with my eating and not care about the repercussions. Yet, I continue to get up everyday, fit in my workout, make the best possible food choices, and step into my office.

Lately, I have been questioning the future of my beloved business and what the next step of the process is. Part of the resistance to move is that I have formed incredible bonds with my clients and I’d have to leave and have to start all over again. On the other hand, I feel like I am letting the chance of a lifetime be put on hold. It’s a catch 22.

Additionally, I am perplexed on the next phase of my adult life. Now that I have hit 32, I now longer feel like a kid, in fact, I am starting to feel like I need to get my shit figured out before it’s too late. So what is it that has me perplexed? Don’t get me wrong my photography business is what I would like to consider equivalent to having a child. It needs constant attention, love, support, and care. It simply can’t sustain without those things. On the other hand, part of me is craving to explore the world of health and wellness. Yet, the capacity in which I want to explore this is a bit foggy. Perhaps, I just need more time to flush out what it is I really want for the next 30 years of my life…..