being a multi-passionate business owner….

it sort of sucks

For the past 11 years I have been a one women show trying to take over the world…. well, not really the taking over the world part. I’ve been so blessed to have a career that has taken me to places that I would have never been to otherwise, worked with incredible clients, and make a living at something I am truly passionate about.

However, I have discovered that I am now equally as passionate about health + wellness as I am photography and find myself conflicted at how to get these two to co-exist.

I am trying to connect the dots at how to run my photography business in conjunction with coaching clients on their health and wellness journey. Both are full time jobs and take the same amount of love, attention, and dedication. Since each is so unique the crossover can’t be easily seen.

Do I only health coach on my non photo shoot days? Do I offer group programs? Do I even have time to create group programs? Will it be a conflict of interest? How do I manage two full businesses as a one women show? These are questions that have been plaguing me for months.

I’ve invested so much of myself financially, physically, and emotionally into both of these career paths — yet getting them on the same page feels almost impossible.