25 Potential Headlines for “Grey’s Anatomy: Ruining Lives Since 2005.”

Here are the 25 potential headlines for my favorite article I have posted:

  1. The Grey Area
  2. Shonda Rimes Ruins Lives
  3. Top 6 Saddest Grey’s Moments
  4. Read Between the Rimes
  5. Grey Fever
  6. Grey’s Anatomy Ruined our Hearts
  7. Why do We Still Watch Grey’s Anatomy?
  8. A Look Back on Grey’s Moments that Ruined Us
  9. Everyone is Dying on Grey’s
  10. No Happy Ending at Seattle Grace
  11. Shonda Land Sucks
  12. It’s a Beautiful Day to Ruin Lives
  13. It’s a Shonda World
  14. The Worst/Best Show of the Decade
  15. Watch Grey’s They Said, It Would be Fun They Said
  16. Why do the Best Characters Die?
  17. Try Not to Cry Reading these Grey’s Moments
  18. Code Blue
  19. McDreamy, McSteamy & Our Broken Hearts
  20. Obsessed with Grey’s? We are too.
  21. We Can’t Dance Out these Sad Grey’s Moments
  22. The Good, the Bad, & the Grey’s
  23. Stop Watching Grey’s Anatomy
  24. Too Much Grey’s, Not Enough Heart.
  25. We Blame Shonda Rimes for Our Heartache