Brokenhearted wisdom

You can spend your whole life going through the motions on a path but until you really feel it, you won’t understand why you do what you do.

If you follow a path for only personal gain or achievement, you won’t understand why you do what you do.

Until you understand who you do it for,

you won’t understand it.

I’m walking for the children of the next generations. I’m walking for my ancestors and the ones who couldn’t finish, who left some of it behind. I’m walking for the ones who I need because they need me because there’s something I can do that no one else is suited for.

I’m walking because I love.

You can talk the talk of compassion, you can talk the talk of waking up your whole life but if you aren’t considering your community and you live on a pedestal, you never know true freedom.

You never know real love. The kind that breaks your heart, and you’re grateful for it. The kind that heals you by heating you up so hot that it forges you into a better human being, a new way of being.

If you never surrender to what it beneath you, you live in a world of constant confusion and trying to lift yourself higher and the world is trying to “bring you down.”

Yes, friend, the world will bring you down. And it will only begin to make sense when you go down willingly…or when you become willing to be here.

Until the way others feel is as important as your own feelings, not because it makes you feel good or bad but because you care, because they are your family, because you are connected, your brother and your sister, your spirit-blood, your family, until then, you won’t get it.

Enlightenment is not about isolation. If there’s any true reason for life, I think it’s connection. Connection with the universe through the God inside of you, and the God inside of others. Touch, communion, communication, shared experiences…this is the stuff of legends. This is the stuff of awe.

When we see that gorgeous sunset and we wish we could share it with another, we are touching that primal place. Our hearts break with its beauty, we recognize our aching sadness as a gift and somehow, a compass, leading us straight into the heart of it all. In this place, somehow, impossibly, we begin to soften and lose our tight grip on ourselves.

Life gets more beautiful, more vibrant, more poetic, and surprisingly, rather than send us into the clouds where we can live in fantasy land, removed from the suffering of earth, it brings us down to earth. It puts us back in touch with our roots and reality.

The reality that includes millions of sick people, starburst moments of joy amidst suffering, the resilience that few see that allows the ones in most pain to go on with hope.

Be grateful for your sadness and your aching heart. It gives you the sobriety with which to see clearly and live in acknowledgment, not avoidance or denial of the fact of life being full of death and decay. Be clear. Be like the river, an open stream, and empty cup. Let the water pass through you, remembering the old adage, “This, too, shall pass.”

Immerse yourself in your sadness — the ocean of longing that never disappears from your heart. Let your prayers go out with the Wind, carried towards heaven by some invisible intelligence. Let yourself yearn for something that is unattainable. Yearn for the nectar of God, and when you receive it, drink it. Drink it and remember it was always yours from the first place. For it’s desire is, and always was, and always will be, to nourish you.

If you want to drink the nectar, surrender to the earth. There you will learn everything.

Let your heart be broken into a million tiny pieces.

Fall in love when you know they will leave you.

Do it anyways, do it. Do it wholeheartedly.

Feel the depth of your sorrow. Let it fill the cracks between you and all that is.

Feel your heart. Feel it.

Fall in love and pretend there is no tomorrow. Don’t make plans for love, you will easily get played by the monkeys in your mind.

Love like death is a kiss away.

Abandon all reason and find a way to be madly ecstatic for the wind, the rain, the trees.

Decide that if you died today, it would be perfect. It would be enough. Life can take you at any moment. Death is real as you. And so is life.

Let yourself be reborn by the elements of life, daily. As the sun rises and is reborn, so, too, are you. As the sun falls behind the earth, and the moisture rises to cover the ground like an incubator, to soften and ripen the darkness, so too do you become softened, ripened in sleep. The process of you — be intimate with it.

Never forget where you came from, and never forget your calling, the voice, the whisper in your heart that reminds you of what you are here for. Embrace it wholeheartedly.

Remember to make room in your life for what you ask for. Empty out often, and start anew. Let go.

Be the voice in the wilderness among people, say with bravery the truth that you see, be a beacon for love, remind people why they came here. Act in service to the freedom of all humankind, past, present and future. Joyfully.

Are we really here for ourselves?

The more I love, the more I see that’s not the case. I see that we’re all connection, and so your joy is my joy, your pain is my pain. The more I allow that in, and refrain from identifying with it, the more I feel intimate with you, the more I know you as myself, and all thought or concept of it falls away. I love you.

We are each other’s medicine.

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