Being a UX Designer

I’m Amanda, an Experience Designer currently based out in sunny Los Angeles. Though I’m an east-coaster at heart, my love of film, TV, and video games means I wouldn’t dream of living and working anywhere else. I have a background in video editing — in my last job I cut video game trailers for a company called Hammer. Once I started working in the entertainment industry I became fascinated with customizing and designing different processes and ways of doing things, which fired up my obsession with experience design. I love making things better. I love the way that when a design is great, you don’t even notice it.

My background in editing means that I am obsessed with creating a living, breathing, moving piece of work. I view prototypes and motion studies as equally important pieces of the puzzle as wireframing and research. I really enjoy freelancing because it gives me the ability to expereince a range of products. I want to keep working and believe that Toptal Freelance UX Designers Group will give me the opportunity to do so.

If I’m not thinking about this stuff, I’m probably replaying Kingdom Hearts cause Im geeking out waiting for the 3rd to one to release.

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