Is Deleteing Facebook Accounts Becoming a Thing?

It is hard to imagine a life without Facebook. You see, people my age basically grew up with it. The moment I understood how to work a computer and communicate online, I created an account. It was where I entertained myself by having people like my status so I could post on their wall and, heck, it’s where I got asked out by my first boyfriend (lame, I know). Now, Facebook is where I go to show everyone in my hometown how I am doing in college, and to see what all my high school friends are doing at their respective colleges. I go on Facebook every day.

However, a popular trend I have started to notice is people deleting their Facebook accounts. Every time one of my friends have disappeared off my timeline, I’ve wondered why they are doing it. Weren’t they worried about missing out and not being connected anymore? Well, my questions about people deleting their Facebooks were answered by the article Here’s How to Remove Facebook From Your Life and Never Miss a Beat. The article points out that just because you had 2,000 friends on Facebook, not many of them are real friends. It explains that the people who are curious about your happenings will reach out to you in other ways — ways that are more meaningful. The article also discusses the amount of fake news circulating Facebook; therefore, making Facebook not a reliable source for news anyways. Lastly, those who delete Facebook magically gain several more hours to spend a week.

This article changed me from being very skeptical about deleting my account to realizing that maybe Facebook is overrated and many of us could do without. If this idea of removing Facebook from our lives gains popularity, the way society and business interact would change again. Right now, we receive most of our advertisements through Facebook but if Facebook’s reach started to diminish, businesses would have to figure something else out. I am not sure where social media is headed, but I know now that deleting my Facebook doesn’t seem that radical anymore.

Here is the link to the article explaining why we maybe should consider deleting out accounts.

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