My First Twitter Chat with #chatsnap

This week I was assigned to participate in a twitter chat for my social media management class. Now, before being assigned this project, I had no idea what a twitter chat was or how it worked. I honestly thought it was another phrase to describe direct messages.

However, in preparation to participate in my first #twitterchat I researched what one was and how to best interact within one. If you’re interested, check out this article on How to Participate in a Twitter Chat.

After figuring out the basics of joining a Twitter Chat, I began to focus on what Twitter Chat I wanted to join. My professor recommended several but the one that caught my eye was called #chatsnap. I liked how the title of the twitter chat ( the hashtag used to communicate) was a play on words. #chatsnap is a chat about snapchat so a chat about snap which equals #chatsnap. The cool aspect is that the hashtag is also the word snapchat broken in half and the parts switched.

After deciding on #chatsnap, it was as simple as waiting for 2P.M. of the next Wednesday to come around. The theme of the Wednesday chat I joined (Wednesday, May 24) was using Snapchat for teaching/learning. The host of the chat is @KrisGillentine who very successfully leads the chat for an entire hour.

Kris started the chat I participated in with two icebreakers. As I was eager to get started in my first twitter chat, I answered both. The first asked those tuned in if they had tried out the latest snapchat update “custom stories” and if it was well-rated. I declared it an amazing feature that I was excited to use and one of my classmates agreed. @BlairLBowman tweeted, “I think this is a great idea! It encourages more personal engagement between friends that is more than just one-on-one. Can’t wait,” and then added #chatsnap so her reply would be included in the chat.

After the icebreakers, Kristi systematically released eight questions over the next hour. These questions received answers from all over the country from people in all sorts of different professions. When she posted the second question, which was asking those participating if they had ever learned anything on snapchat and by who, answers ranged. Kristi retweeted a general one from @FGranthon which said, “I learned how Snapchat can be a great tool for promotion and sales.” She also retweeted a specific one from @bschlenker who said, “I’ve learned a lot about the life of a truck driver by watching @BigCatTrucker.”

Question five asked what the most important feature to use within Snapchat for training someone one was and answers included geo-tags, groups, and slow-mo. What are some of the downsides of Snapchat in the workplace was asked as question number seven. My answer for seven was that it is easy to get distracted on Snapchat and not use it for productive purposes. Other answers included that for some professions, like teaching, it could be inappropriate to use.

If I didn’t have an answer for a question, there were people from all over the world that did. I just constantly refreshed the #chapsnat page and watched all the knowledge pour in. It was interesting to see different perspectives and how my opinions and experiences about learning/teaching on Snapchat as a Millennial were very different to the opinions and experiences of a Baby Boomer.

All in all, I enjoyed my first Twitter Chat and would be interested in participating in one again. I am a heavy user of Snapchat so #chatsnap and the information being exchanged was very relevant to me but I think it would also be beneficial to join a chat about a subject I am not familiar with. Thanks #chatsnap and @KrisGillentine for being my first Twitter Chat and making me more aware of how to take advantage of the social media platforms around me.My First Twitter Chat with #chatsnap.