The SEO Basics Your Website Must Have

Amanda Miller
Jan 4, 2019 · 3 min read

Posted on: 01.04.19 By: Amanda Miller Posted in: Marketing Strategy

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SEO is a big topic, but it’s an important topic when it comes to creating and marketing your website. Your business surely has a website, but does it have the SEO basics that will help it really pull in customers? The answer for many companies is an unfortunate no. While hiring an SEO company is the smartest choice, there are some things you can do now to help support SEO and get your website moving in the right direction.

Your Website Must Be Secure

It used to be that websites only needed to be secure if they were accepting payments. That is no longer the case for SEO basics. Now, if your website is not secure, your would-be visitors may be deterred from visiting. In fact, many browsers even warn visitors NOT to visit when the site isn’t secure. And the URL navigation bar will highlight that the site is not secure, if your customers are able to get through. Now that’s not good for business.

A secure website has an HTTPS designation (as opposed to HTTP). To implement this, it’s as simple as buying the SSL certificate from your hosting company. Then you’ll just need to make it active. Not sure how to do this? Talk to your hosting company or IT person.

Your Website Must Be Mobile Responsive

More than half of the visitors to your website are finding it on their mobile devices. Gone are the days of pinching a site and making it bigger so it shows up on your phone. Now, your website has to be mobile responsive. Not only is that a smart choice for business, it’s now a requirement for SEO basics.

Google, which is of course the #1 search engine, indexes sites based on the mobile version of their sites. This is called mobile-first indexing. If your site is not optimized to be responsive on a phone or tablet, you’re facing an uphill battle in getting it found.

Each Page on Your Website Needs H1 Tags

Just as every book has a title, so does every website (and page on that site). That’s what an H1 tag is: the title of your page. It tells the search engines what your site and pages are about. Without proper H1 tags, you’re missing one of the most fundamental SEO basics.

The H in H1 stands for header, and you can have H1–H4. Each page has one H1 tag, but it can have multiple H2–H4 tags. As a reader, you’ll see these tags as bigger, bolder headers that separate blocks of text. So they work to help drive eyes through your content as well as to tell Google what your pages are about.

Smart marketers have an H1 tag on every page and also use that same keyword in an H2 tag (and H3, if possible).

Your Website Needs Fresh Content Regularly

When it comes to SEO basics, needing content is nothing new. SEO is driven by content. You can easily add new content on a regular basis by writing blogs. Search engines have deep affinity for blogs, and they are easy to add with some smart blogging strategy.

To really maximize each blog, be sure that you are optimizing them for SEO. Your SEO basics for blogs are:

  • At least 350 words
  • SEO-friendly title with keywords
  • H1 tag that includes the same keywords
  • Link to your website (usually in the call to action)
  • Link to another website, preferably an authority site
  • Image that has the keywords in the alt tag

While there’s not a “perfect” increment in which to blog, you should be adding new content to your site once a month at the very least.

SEO Basics May Not Be So Basic to You

You got into business because you wanted to do your business, not worry about all of this marketing mumbo-jumbo. SEO basics? You’re lucky you know what SEO means!

Never fear; Ink & Quill Communications is here to help!

Our team has an expert in SEO, and when his knowledge is combined with our content specialists, advertising expert, and marketing strategists, you get more than just SEO basics; you get a full-scope marketing campaign.

If you have questions, we have answers. Choose a time on our calendar to learn how just 10 minutes out of your day can help you get a handle on this topic and more.

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