Are you hurt right now? Are you happy right now? Has somebody took your light? Do you feel confident? Well, then, go girl! Go get them, you always knew that you were born to take on the world, so, show them yourself, don’t be shy, if you need a friend, I’ll be your best friend! You know why? Because I’m you, I’m you in the past, I’m you in the future, and I’m you right now, we’ll do this together, you and me. If you’re asking yourself who’s the girl in front of you, it’s me, and you, we’re just one, and we understand each other. Go out there! Do the things you need to do and bring good things with you and your dreams. Show them your world, show them what you got. Doesn’t matter how you’re feeling, if you’re sad, everything is going to be okay in the end, and if you’re happy, know that you deserves that, and keep everything good with you. If you need a friend, I’ll be here, you know where to find me, just look at your reflection, and I’ll be there!

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