The Real Me

It’s been a while, you think I’m not who I was before, well, sorry, you’re wrong. I’m the same since always, you just couldn’t see it inside of me. And really, I’m too proud of who I am, and it’s not some bitches that will take it off from me, I’m really happy, and them just feel good with themselves when they make somebody’s day awful, and this is sick, so don’t stay in touch, please.

I realized how proud I am being me, having my curly hair, singing verses I create in my head and writing about them, dancing, playing my guitar (even if it sounds bad sometimes), this is me, I got hurt, I got pain, I got happiness, I got real friends, I got my family, I got the real me. I realized that I’m a good person when I cried when the world was ending, I realized I can make some difference here when I said my intentions to people around me and some of them said that my heart was good and I deserved the world, but the world don’t deserve me. And that’s my legacy, I just need the real me, everything will be okay if I’m true. I’m not a know-it-all, I don’t know enough, nobody can have so much knowledge, we complete ourselves with what we all know. Don’t try to convert people to your ideology, respect them, because you wanna be respected, you don’t need to agree, just let them free.

I needed something to set me free, and let me out of the case.

I’m letting go, and that’s inevitable.


the real me.

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