How Much Influence Do Fashion Bloggers Have?

Have you ever heard about Nicole Warne or also known as Gary Pepper? Or what about Jess Dempsey? They are two of the most popular and influential Australian bloggers these years, and you simply cannot miss them! They are basically everywhere, especially on Facebook and Instagram. And precisely the pictures they share on these social sites drive the sales of womens accessories and handbags a lot.

Speaking from my point of view, there were a lot of super Australian brands I happen not to know, and thanks to these bloggers (that I follow on Instagram and Facebook) I have discovered an array of them. So whenever in the need to buy fashion accessories online, I truly follow my fav bloggers.

Many fashion reports show that on Instagram, bloggers have a larger audience than the traditional online magazines. Why, you may ask?! Because consumers (and speaking from my personal experience too) want to see images. It’s all about the details and not the text in the magazines. Even though Twitter, Facebook and the official blogger’s websites are still on fire, I prefer to follow them on Instagram, because it takes only a minute to see a picture and spot all the details (when in the rush).

When it comes to Instagram, the Italian and U.S. bloggers are among the most popular. For instance, Chiara Feragni of The Blonde Salad has 5.5 million followers, more than any fashion magazine. Impressive, isn’t it?

And just like a said, when making a purchase decision, bloggers do have sway on consumers. To be precise, 41% of consumers say that blogs are the one and only source that influence their purchase decision, beating out the brands’ official Web sites and magazines.

The top two reasons why consumers, especially women follow bloggers is simple — to get an inspiration, and to learn about trends and some new super brands (which was my case). In fact I’m all into this. Following the best fashion bloggers in the world is my “obsession” simply because I want to be a fashionista. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t splurge a fortune in order to be stylish and follow all trends. Thanks to these bloggers I’ve discovered a lot of brands that offer super quality and fashionable womens accessories. And, since they are one of the most important pieces of the outfit, today we can buy fashion accessories online Australia wide. All we need to do is to go online, dig a little bit and pamper ourselves with affordable and stylish fashion pieces and accessories.