Travel From Home With Vintage World Map Wallpapers Murals!

The world is full of amazing things and beauties beyond imagination. The human mind is the biggest source of innovations and beautiful creations and every corner of the known world keeps a stamp of the times when people created things that will echo in history. Think the pyramids in Egypt, the Petra Temple in Jordan, the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Taj Mahal in India, the Machu Picchu in Peru and many, many more. And this is just a fraction of past centuries, a piece of the evolving world; the buildings and other inventions of today’s modern world only confirm the notion: everyone in this world should be able to see the beauties of the world.

However, travelling isn’t exactly possible for everyone; it costs a lot of time and money. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the world come to your home! Make the world splash on your walls with murals wallpaper; choose various styles either modern or vintage and picture the world so you can see it daily:

History pictured all over the walls

It’s a very popular murals wallpaper; history painted all over your room. These are mainly wallpapers with a lot of dark colours on it and very good picturing of mountains, lakes, and oceans — almost like a battle map. The important designer aspect here is the colour combination; there is a lot of brown, bright green nuance and something like a very gentle blue.

Old vintage wall murals

These don’t differ much from the previous ones; they still picture the world and the many historic events, but the colours used are a lot stronger, so you can count on adding a nuance of screaming red on your walls for instance. Vintage wallpapers go perfectly in bedrooms and living rooms, because of the peace and serenity they offer.

Antique map wall murals

If you have a library or a study room, this type of wallpaper would be an amazing addition to the walls. Antique map wallpapers are very elegant, because they don’t show much colour; they picture some delicate charm through soft pastels mixed with fading hues. Not just that it’s an elegant combination, but that colour scheme also stimulates the minds of the studious.

Geological maps

Real paradise for the adventurous ones! You can prepare for your outdoor adventures by getting to know the world on a geological level. These maps are highly informative and give a lot of information with the graphic details and the geological features they present. I wouldn’t suggest you place one of these in the bedroom; the bedroom is not the place where you should be looking at geological info on the world and the places to visit.