The Middle Part Of Life

If you’re lucky you have gotten the pleasure to see what I look like with a middle part and somehow if you did, I am not sure how, but you stayed in contact with me. Man I am not a middle part gal and sadly it took me till at least the 9th grade to figure that out (and how to use a hair straighter). And yet in the last few years middle parts have come back in style and somehow THERE ARE GIRLS who can pull this off, they are the real unicorns. So in hopes of somehow being able to grow into it I will secretly try out the middle part behind a dead-bolted-bathroom-door and year after year I am reassured I still can’t do it. And recently, when trying out my middle part for 2017 I realized that the way I look with a middle part is how I feel about this middle part of life I am in.

How I feel about this middle part of life, and middle hair parts in general was highlighted while getting my last haircut. I just got done getting my hair washed by the hands of God (Did they have stop? Can I take them home? Teach me your ways!) Now I am sitting in the chair, feeling pretty confident about getting it all chopped off and now the hair dresser takes the towel off my head and gives me a middle part to start the hair cut. BUZZ KILL.

You know how hard it is for me not swing my hands out of the cape like a ninja and move my hair to the left or right?

To sit and stare at myself and then watch like 100 people walk by and see me in my middle part and all its glory (there needs to be a backroom for this part)?

The thoughts I am convinced they have, the apologizes I will have to give out as I leave for offending them, the im sorry I mouth as they make eye contact with in the mirror. They too probably want to run over and move my hair to one side or the other and save me. I am convinced everyone in the salon can see me, pities me and is just so happy they are not me in that moment.

But in reality no one has noticed me.

And that is exactly what is happening when you are in the middle part of life. It’s the lights I am sitting under, the huge mirror I am sitting in front of, the fact that I have no where else for my eyes to wonder to is why I am noticing e v e r y s i n g l e flaw. And truly no one has noticed me because they are living their own middle part horror story (unless you are a unicorn).

What I am getting at is the middle is NEVER anyones favorite part. I never eat the middle part of my sandwich, I rush through the middle part of the book (this is usually when I end up reading the last page of the book), the middle part of my run I am doing all sorts of math to convince myself I don’t have that much more to go. The middle sucks. You are off the high of starting something new and you feel like you are a lifetime away from figuring out when this will all end. The middle is waiting, wanting, wishing for something more.

So if you too feel like you in the middle part of life…

Looking for a new job, breaking up, swiping away on Tinder, hoping/praying for a child, in the middle of a semester of school , maybe you are the middle child, looking for a partner, waiting for a ring, going through a divorce, healing from a death, looking for a house, training for a marathon, just trying to survive a gym class, reading a book, cooking dinner- whatever it might be, we are all in the middle of something. We are all currently sitting under the bright lights and in front of the huge mirror trying to hide our own middle part.

And I am no way encouraging you to rock a middle part if you can’t but I am encouraging you to become comfortable with the middle. Sometimes the middle is our rock bottom, it’s where our growth happen, it’s when we find ourself, it’s what we have to get though to get to our own happy ending. This may mean going to your own secret dark place and trying out that middle part and realizing you are wrong once again but each and every time you will become a little be more confident, laugh a bit louder and maybe even learn how to talk about it.

We are always going to have a middle and I promise you it’s always worth it.

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