The Conscious Living Project: Week One

  1. What’s on the US cosmetics market is not regulated like you might think it is.
  • Butylparaben: toxic to reproduction, carcinogen. Mimics estrogen and can act as a potential hormone causing systemic disruptor. (Thanks CIR!)
  • Methylparaben: some studies of breast tumors show a build up of methylparabens in the breast tissue.
My beloved Pit Paste. I knew I could count on you.
  1. No chemicals / all natural ingredients.
  2. No animal testing.
  3. Vegan ingredients only.
  4. Recycled packaging.
  5. Recyclable packaging.
  6. Made in the US. (not because I am particularly patriotic, but because I want to reduce the amount of energy and resources it takes to bring my product to the US where I purchase and use it).
  7. Reasonable in price and accessible for purchasing often.




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Amanda Noret

Amanda Noret

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