To be fair, it’s a very easy thing to miss.

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The rumors are true: I officially moved in with my boyfriend. While it may seem fast, we both agreed we were already spending so much time together that it only made sense. So far it’s been a pretty smooth transition, but I must say I’ve started to notice a few things about him that I hadn’t before. I definitely wouldn’t have flagged these minor nuisances if we weren’t sharing an apartment, so honestly, it could be nothing… but still. For example:

I never thought much of it, and frankly, I always assumed it was just his little red Converse on…

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Look, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with taking your significant other’s last name, but personally, it’s just not for me. If you want to take your husband’s last name that’s totally cool, but no woman should have to. As nice as Haley Marie Lebowitz sounds, I have decided to keep my maiden name Haley Marie Hubbard, and it’s not because I already monogrammed all my throws.

Yes, I know this might upset Kyle’s parents, but honestly this is my decision and not anyone else’s. Besides, what makes a man’s family name more valid than a woman’s? Am I only…

It’s really the only explanation.

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Hey, it’s me, the girl next door who spends most of her time tying her flannel shirt into a knot. I heard your sink was broken, and you may think being a female and fixing a sink are two things that don’t go together, but lucky for me I’ve had some male role models in my life to help show me the ropes. I’ll have this sink fixed faster than Michael Bay punches out Transformers movies. Yeah, I’ve seen those movies, along with plenty of other movies that don’t include a makeover montage or a…

Hi, I’m a giant peach, and I’m drafting all the Jameses to set sail on a massive fruit.

Look, I know what you’re thinking. A giant peach and a James…together? Not this old song and dance. I get it, but let me ask you, have you ever actually seen a James and a giant peach together? And not just one James, but every single James in America?

A little background about me: I’ve been giant my whole life, and you know what? People love oversized things. A big red dog? Sure. A giant gorilla that falls in love with a…

Amanda Pastunink

Proud owner of one (1) Bop It.

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