How Much Does a 1 Year Relationship Cost?
Nicholas K. Ning

This is ridiculous. You’re assuming that the man (presumably you) is paying for everything and that you are the only one commuting to meet her. I’m going to bet she isn’t sitting at home waiting for you to show up all the time.

In my experience being both single and long-term attached in this modern age, paying for dinner is alternated between the two parties. It’s less complicated than splitting a bill and makes each person feel like they’ve done something generous or received a “favour”.

Dinner can range from $30-$100 for 2 people if you get creative, but definitely doesn’t have to be as high as you are assuming. $50/person is crazy high for 1 out of the 21 meals you each have to eat that week. As well, I will also assume that there are multiple points in which you both go buy groceries and cook for each other, which costs significantly less.

I’m also going to note that you’ve really only approached this from a straight male’s perspective. Talk to a couple of your lady-friends about the costs of maintaining appearances over 1 year and consider revising the “article”.

Let’s assume Vancouver-costs for comparable purposes:
- Hair cut/colour $200/month = $2,400
- Blowout $50/2/per month for these fancy dates = $1,200
- Waxing $60/every 6 weeks = $520
- Nails $80/month = $960
= $5,080 minimum just to prescribe to your beauty standards *

Try your calculations again, or better yet…try not to quantify love based on your materialistic standards. There are better ways to spend you’re money than at Tiffany’s of all fucking places!

*Does not include the clothing, shoes, gym, and tanning (if people still do that).

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