The importance of keywords in Google ranks reports

If you have this conception that the moment you have your e-commerce website money is going to pour in through online sales then you are sadly mistaken. The most successful websites are the ones that put in time, effort and money in various marketing activities to promote their websites. If your website doesn’t get properly ranked in Google you will not make any money out of your website, no matter how attractive it is. The Google ranks reports give you an excellent indication of where your website stands in comparison with competitor websites so that the right marketing efforts can be taken.

PageRank is one of the Google algorithms using which Google ranks various websites. Named after founder Larry Page, the PageRank score of a website indicates how important a website is in search engine results. The underlying assumption in PageRank is that websites that enjoy large number of quality links are the best websites and they get ranked higher in Google SERPs. While there are many other algorithms used by Google, PageRank is the first one that was used and is still one of the most important ones.

As you go through the Google ranks reports and focus on Google PageRank you will clearly see that there are some important indicators of how good a particular website is. There is focus on domain age, domain name, content, keywords, links and social presence and so on. For the purpose of this article we will talk a bit about keywords.

All this while webmasters and SEO companies were manipulating keywords in trying to make websites rank higher on Google. However, with the number of updates that Google has come up with the way one has to use keywords has drastically changed. These days one has to use specific SEO strategies if they want Google to affirm that the keywords have been properly utilized. Some of the points that need to be focused on are given below.

• Keywords should not only be present in the title tag but if possible the title tag should start with a keyword.

• The appearance of keywords more frequently than other words adds to relevancy but one has to keep in mind that the keyword density has to be maintained. Otherwise Google may see the practice as keyword spamming.

• Choosing the right keyword phrases is very important. Let us assume your website has a keyword phrase “fresh roses in Philadelphia”. Your website will be prominently displayed when someone uses the same phrase in Google. However, the prominence will be diminished if the user uses the phrase “Philadelphia fresh roses”. The moment your keywords enjoy a better CTR (Click Through Rate) the prominence of your website is enhanced by Google.

Google ranks reports are not just about keywords but as you may well know, without properly researched and chosen keywords your website will not rank anywhere in Google. Any other effort will not bear results. Ask your SEO partner to analyze Google ranks reports and optimize your keywords for better results.

Google ranks reports ( ) are about many elements. It may be worthwhile focusing on keywords ( ) right in the beginning because they play very important roles.