Creating the Gypsy Spirit

I think I was about 16 when I first dreamed of pimping out a camper. I would bet “Pimping” would have been the word I would have used in my teens.

At the time, my vision was an Airstream, with a white shag carpet, a stereo system and a party couch. What do normal girls dream of? I wouldn’t know. I’ve never claimed to be normal.

So here I find myself, in my mid thirties, and my adolescent dream has come to fruition. In the form of a 18 foot, 1978 Terry Wilderness trailer. My big dreams of modification may vary from what I wanted then, but so has my life… enter family.

So if this sort of thing somewhat interests you, or you are simply a dedicated friend or family member, follow me on this journey from tired, smelly camper to overly obsessed about glamper.