Thinking About Hillary — A Follow-up
Michael Arnovitz

It was so refreshing to find an article that so perfectly articulated so many of my frustrations with the last few election cycles really, but ESPECIALLY this one. At first I was really shocked by the Hillary hatred, then really confused by the emotion behind it. I asked all the haters why they hated her so much. I understand disagreeing with a political candidate based on positions, but the reaction I was getting to my supporting Hillary bordered on hysteria (and frequently crossed that border)!. I got all the one-liners and memes thrown at me…worst of them by Bernie supporters which really shocked me. I even had one of my very well meaning Facebook friends send me the “Clinton Body Count” article to open my eyes to how dangerous the Clintons are. I opened it and read it in complete disbelief. How does anyone actually buy this crap? But this did spark me to talk about something that was really eating away at me. All the Clinton scandals! So I did some more digging and posted this to my FB as a response. I thought I would share it here since it’s ties in nicely with the GOP smear Hillary campaign section of your article.

Here’s a little summary I put together of the top 3 Clinton scandals:

1. Whitewater — The Whitewater trials were a partisan driven witch hunt that cost the taxpayers more than 25 million dollars and never found anything that could be used against the Clintons. Even the McDougals vehemently denied the Clintons involvement until Jim was indicted. There is a conspiracy there…McDougals wife maintains that the gov of Arkansas (who was also found guilty) and her husband Jim were trying to get her to say she slept with Bill to get all the other charges dropped (her words…not saying they are fact). This later turned into Jim McDougal saying he would cooperate with officials but even then he couldn’t provide anything to prove the Clintons did anything wrong, even with Republican Alfonse D’Amato running the The Senate Special Whitewater Committee (who coincidentally also happened to be the chairman of Bob Dole’s presidential campaign at the same time…if ever there was a conflict of interest…). Since Starr couldn’t actually prosecute Bill for Whitewater, he instead turned his attention to sex scandals and we all know where that went. Total taxpayer cost: >$25,000,000.00.

2. Benghazi — Every Secretary of State in my memory has had American Diplomats die on their watch, but for some reason it’s being handled differently in Hillary’s case. Most of the time there isn’t even a hearing on the deaths, must less investigations centering around the sitting Secretary of State. So far this Republican led Benghazi committee has spent over $22 million dollars in tax payer money investigating this tragedy. Hillary has relinquished all documents, been incredibly transparent, sat through 11 hours of straight questioning and took responsibility for the whole thing, but the committee has still not been able to uncover anything to use against her. Just a few months back House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy let it slip during a Fox interview that the committee was there to undermine Clinton’s presidential hopes. That little slip effectively killed his fast-track to Speaker of the House role and Paul Ryan took the job instead. It’s pretty clear to me what the purpose of the investigation is. Total taxpayer cost: >$22,000,000.00.

3. Emails — Why would Hillary use her personal email address for non-classified official communication? No really…why? She says it’s because she didn’t want to have to carry two phones around with her…which I understand, but I do think that given the fervor with which Republicans have been hell-bent to destroy her she would’ve played it safe. In any case it doesn’t matter because it turns out this is a widespread practice in our government and both Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell did the exact same thing (as far as using private email addresses for government correspondence)! So why is it different for Hillary? This investigation is said to be costing 13–39k PER DAY! With the expected cost to once again be in the millions! Total taxpayer cost: ???

So at the end of the day the only thing I know for sure is:

1) Congress has no problem spending millions of dollars of tax-payers money to gain election advantages for their party.

2) “Innocent until proven guilty” is a fairytale and it seems rather easy to completely destroy a person’s image without anyone stopping to really take in the facts or ponder motivations.

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