Sprint 1 — Interaction Design

The design of a smartphone App that will support the Practice of Citizen Science


For this week’s assignment, we were asked to design an app to support the citizen science. Our topic is “ Availability of fruits and vegetables for urban foragers”. The purpose of the project is to experience the prototyping of software application and help us be familiar to the process of interaction design.


First, we started out brainstorming. After we got the basic idea of our apps and what group of user we were aiming at, we started to sketch out our apps. Then, we used the POP (Prototyping on Paper) to prototype our ideas.

sketching out the app

In my app, I collect the data of wild fruits in different hiking trails with the help of the citizens.

When I was sketching out the app, the question that I asked myself the most is that whether the application is easy to use for the users. I reflected a lot on my own experience with other difficult apps that I have used in real life.

To reach this goal, I use different colors to distinguish the different bottoms in the app. For example, the “back to the previous page” bottom is in purple and the “ back to home page” bottom is in blue (see figure below). Also, I make those colors consistent throughout the app. In this case, the user can get used to the different features of the app easily with the emphasis of different colors.

different colors for different bottoms

The most interesting part of this assignment is that I got the opportunity to experience the interaction design. I found out that it is not as simple as I thought. There are many different questions that I should deliberate.

The purpose of the apps is to help our life in many different ways. Therefore, the interaction design could potentially make our life difference. For example, the app Yelp is designed to help us find the stores or restaurants we are looking for. If the engineers didn’t make the app easy and simple to use, the users might get really frustration while they are operating the system. In this case, the purpose of the apps is not accomplished.

Video demo of my app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILAl-yN8dkY

Online version of my prototype: https://popapp.in/projects/561bfe2d60ab70932a130641/preview