A Little About Me.

I found a world I never thought existed. When I needed this most, a new perception of consciousness and new format to let my creativity and thoughts blossom. A new format to my life that sits side by side to this life. A Second Life.

Second Life the virtual world that is so mistaken and misunderstood stands side by side with my real life. They are entwined and the same and this all happened to me when I needed it the most.

Second Life created by Linden Labs is the virtual world I dive into in my free spare time. When I am there I create my art. I use all it has to offer me with what other users from around the world create as well as myself. Everything you can do there transcends the real world for many. It is an outlet for us all especially in terms of being able to experience what we can not in real life due to illnesses, physical limitations, lack of being able to travel etc etc etc….. The list could go on forever.

In Second Life I create my art and then bring it into Photoshop here on my computer and it blossoms….. You can see everything from my blog and flickr.

I will be honored for you to look through my blog and flickr…

Much Love AmandaMagick

This next video is of an exhibit I had in Second Life where thousands from around the world came to see it. Enjoy!