image: mindfulness


Create and nurture the ego of yourself that can change the selfish from the outside in, to the selfish from the inside out.

It’s easy to think about ourselves way too much, and I guess it’s necessary, for sometime. Especially, who doesn’t love being loved, praised, cherished, and any form of adoration. This form of adoration has been long known as the great tool to raise our confidence. But sometimes, it’s too much that we start to think we are smarter, greater, cooler, and all supreme of prides.

I naturally carry these humanly characters into my everyday life, into the point where every work I do, every mistake I try to avoid, slightest improvements I have made needs to be recognized, felt or at the very least noticed by people around me (Trust me, even when you are not thinking about it at least 10% of your heart hope so). And what I have received from this character is horrible.

This is self-pride of selfish …

Now, I’d like to put selfish into two types.

That selfish of you demanded to be the center of everything. Your improvements depend on the environment around you, your achievements depend on how your family raised you, mistakes and failures depend on how great the things around are in your favor.

And that selfish of you who demanded none from others but yourself. You are the center of yourself, you are aware of your own improvements and achievements, and you are fully responsible for mistakes you’ve made and failures you’ve gone through.

So you put yourself first in any situation, where you evaluate things from the inside out. You never think about the others as the subject of your matters and condition. And you also demand yourself to understand the circumstances, to surrender on things out of your control. This will allow yourself to feel your emotion to their fullest expression. You will slowly become aware of who you are by thinking about how to improve yourself, how to admit your mistakes and accept your failures.

So which types of selfish would you like to feed yourself ?