6 Things You Can Do to Enjoy Cheap Holidays to Miami

Miami was ranked the cleanest city of America by Forbes magazine in the year 2008. So, you certainly wouldn’t be surprised to find clean streets, beautifully-crafted green spaces, and an excellent air quality while getting around in this city. More than 300 high-rises dot its charming skyline and its port is known to be the busiest in terms of passenger traffic and the number of cruise ships that it handles. Every year, millions of tourists arrive in this city from different parts of the world to make their holidays exciting.

Your Miami holiday deals would help you have greater savings, which you can utilise during your time spent in the city, exploring its popular attractions. However, there are some really great things you can do in this part of the world and save more during your holiday:

1. Visit the beaches: You just can’t ignore the beaches when you are in this city. Its pleasant weather adds to the truly unforgettable experiences that you would enjoy while visiting Miami’s beaches.

2. Catch a wallcast concert at SoundScape: If you wish to enjoy the feel of a live event or concert without spending anything, get to the SoundScape area at the New World Center. It shows free ‘wallcasts’ at certain times of the month, which enable visitors to experience free video shows on a large projection wall.

3. Enjoy free yoga at Bayfront Park: A visit to Tina Hills Pavilion on a Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday would allow you to get rid of all the stress with free yoga offered by an expert.

4. Relish the free tacos at Wood Tavern: If your Miami vacation packages allow you to spare some time between 6 to 9 pm on a Tuesday, you can enjoy some free tacos along with your inexpensive drinks at Wood Tavern located in Wynwood. You’re welcome to offer your gratitude by tipping the taco makers.

5. Visit any of the city’s free museums: The Institute of Contemporary Art located in the Design District and the MDC Museum of Art and Design in the downtown area are two of museums, which you can visit for free. You can also enjoy a free visit to Perez Art Museum on second Saturday and first Thursday of the month. The Wolfsonian provides free access on Friday nights between 6 and 9 in the evening.

Miami Holidays

6. Watch an exciting game of jai alai: You can watch a game of ‘jai alai’ that has been promoted as the world’s fastest game on your visit to the country club in Miami Springs anytime from Thursday to Sunday. For as little as two dollars, you would get to witness a thrilling game and cheer for the players.

There are a lot more free offerings that you can enjoy while having a wonderful time in this city. You would truly have cheap holidays to Miami with some careful planning that enable you to include more of such activities. In the end, you can save enough to enjoy a beach holiday to Jamaica after an unforgettable sojourn in Miami.