Harry Potter Book Club: Chamber of Secrets

Per the insistence of my Twitter friend, I have begun to re-read the seven glorious volumes that make up the Harry Potter series — and many of you have joined us! For each book, we will post a question to be discussed in the comments. Think of it as your Harry Potter Book Club.

Q: Which Harry Potter character is most like you?

A: I feel gross saying this, because it seems a little conceited, but if I was anyone from the ages of 11–18, I was Hermione Jean Granger. Extremely bookish, bossy and always with a noble cause, Hermione and I share a love of knowing we are always right.

To be fair, college and young adulthood have almost trampled the Hermione out of me, because I have gotten to fail gloriously in several things and no longer think I’m the best person for every job. But the similarities are still there.

So much in fact that one time when I forced a friend to read the series for the first time, he would text me book-page-line references to look up that referred to Hermione reacting to life in ways that I also would. These included arm flapping, being indignant and often 100% correct.

People shouldn’t flatter me so much by fueling this fire. Hermione and I are already pretty confident in our abilities.

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