Harry Potter Book Club: Order of the Phoenix

courtesy http://whatanerdgirlsays.com/2013/05/14/tuesday-top-ten-favorite-sci-fifantasy-book-series/

Per the insistence of my Twitter friend, I have begun to re-read the seven glorious volumes that make up the Harry Potter series — and many of you have joined us! For each book, we will post a question to be discussed in the comments. Think of it;: as your Harry Potter Book Club.

Q: Would you join Dumbledore’s Army?

A: I think it’s easy, given the perspective the book is written in, and the fact that we’re all obsessed with Harry Potter, to immediately say YES! But if you really think about it, it would be a tough decision.

Let’s assume for the sake of the question you aren’t Harry, Ron, Hermione or another Weasley. Let’s assume you don’t know about The Order of the Phoenix. Let’s assume you aren’t even necessarily certain Voldemort has returned. Would you be as willing to believe Harry, and jump headfirst into an illegal club that could get you in lots and lots of trouble — not to mention might get you stunned by one of Neville’s spells gone awry?

I definitely would’ve joined the DA. I like sticking it to horrible authority figures like Umbridge and even now am a doomsday prepper, to an extent. I would’ve wanted to believe Harry when he said he saw The Dark Lord’s return, because it would’ve given me a chance to have some excitement for a change. To test my mettle. Do something brave or even heroic. Also because inevitably I would’ve had a crush on at least one Weasley and would’ve wanted to be where they were.