12 Lessons from 6 Months in Startup Land

What did I get myself into?

Hi, I’m Amanda. I work at Drift.


Always be learning. Always be recruiting. Always be experimenting. Just don’t do everything at once.

ONE Thing

Do one thing at a time. Humans can’t multitask. We’re doing a disservice to ourselves by trying.

The Problem is the Opportunity

Learn what people want to accomplish, how they try to do it, and what’s failing in the process. Build the solution.

Do the Things that Don’t Scale

Like handwriting 200+ thank you notes in cursive. It spreads joy :)

Test Everything

Rewrite the CTA. Redesign the landing page. Reorganize the signup flow. Restructure the demo. Revise the blog post. Repeat.

Pause Slack

They created the /dnd command for a reason. Or just tap your neighbor on the shoulder.

Customer-Centric Everything

Build a company with customers at the heart of it. Ask the people what they want. They’ll tell you.

Type Emojis on Desktop

Control + Command + Space Bar


Laugh at Startup Culture

Tech is a weird place, everyone. We need a little satire to remind us.

Use Sketch

You’ll be better friends with designers.

Learn the Lingo

MQL, PQL, VC, Agile, WFH, OOO, PPC, SEO, SMM, PMM vs PM, and the many CXO titles.

Don’t ask, just Google ‘em.

Dogfood It

Use your company’s own software, blog, newsletter, and CEO’s podcast. They’ll catch you if you don’t.

Those are my 12 lessons for you. Remember #1, always be learning. 
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