The Problem with Music Blog Premieres

“I hope we can…get back to a purer form of music journalism.”

YES! Thank you for taking the time to explain what this is like from the artist’s perspective (coming from a music journalism side). I used to run Band of the Day app, and trying to coordinate exclusives when the platform only featured one band a day was somewhat of a logistical nightmare.

Even though I’d love a band and be stoked about featuring them, I eventually had to instill a system to become agnostic about feature dates (I curated the editorial calendar by genre variety, so that every day was pretty different from the next, rather than by release date).

One other thing I wish for the future of music journalism:

  1. That bloggers start writing more in-depth reviews/analysis of the music, rather than just rehashing (nearly verbatim!) the press release.
  2. That interviewers take time to do in-depth research on an artist BEFORE the interview, beyond just reading a press release and a couple of articles. I never understood the mentality of asking the same generic questions over and over. My approach was always with the mentality, if you only have a limited amount of time to speak to an artist, why waste it on asking questions that have already been answered a countless number of times? It’s annoying for the reader, and annoying for the artist.

Gone off on a tangent here but yeah…again, thanks for this post dude! :)