GAIQ exam answer



Q1. Which of the following is not a required parameter in the URL builder?

a)Campaign Name
b)Campaign Medium
c)Campaign Content
d)Campaign Source
e)All of these are required

Q2. Which of the following metrics would most strongly suggest a poorly performing landing page?

Bounce Rate > 90%
a)% New Visits > 90% 
b)Session Duration <5 minutes
c)Bounce Rate < 90%
d)None of these answers


Q3. Your business objective is to maximize the number of sales through your website. Which of the following metrics would most directly help you measure performance against this objective?

b)Ecommerce Conversion Rate
c)Page Value
d)Bounce Rate
e)Pages / Visit


Q4. The Measurement Protocol is a standard set of rules for collecting and sending hits to Google Analytics. Using the Measurement Protocol you can:

a)send data to Google Analytics from any web-connected device
b)send data to Google Analytics from a kiosk or a point of sale system
c)upload aggregated data tables to Google Analytics
d)A and B only
e)A, B, and C

Measurement Protocol可以讓PC與Mobile以外的裝置(如Kiosk Point of Sale)將「原始」互動資料傳送到GA。Measurement Protocol說明1說明2

Q5. Which of the following is a hit type tracked by Google Analytics?

a)page tracking hit
b)event tracking hit
c)ecommerce tracking hit
d)all of these are hit types tracked in Google Analytics

Hit 就是指GA可以追蹤的使用者在網站上互動行為資料,中文翻譯是匹配,直觀的解題,上述三者都是GA可以追蹤、在「互動」層級的行為,所以答案是all。詳細的Hit說明在

Q6. Which of the following could be measured by defining a goal in Google Analytics?

a)the percentage of visits that contain only one page view
b)the percentage of visits that result in a site registration
c)conversion rate
d)the percentage of visits during which visitors spent at least two minutes on the site
e)All of these could be measured by defining a goal in Google Analytics

目標有5種設定類型:Destination、Duration、Pages/Screens per session、 Event跟Smart Goal。選項a是每次工作階段瀏覽頁數、選項b跟c是事件目標、選項d是停留時間目標,以上皆是。

Q7. Which of the following would prevent destination goal conversions from being recorded?

a)There was a misspelling in the URL of the goal definition.
b)The tracking code is missing from the conversion page.
c)The match type in the goal definition is incorrect.
d)All of these would prevent a destination goal from recording


Q8. True or False: The order in which filters appear in your view settings matters.
a)False: Filters are no necessarily executed in the order in which they appear.
b)True: Filters are executed in the order in which they appear.


Q9. Which of the following questions can be answered using the goal flow report?

a)Do visitors usually start my conversion process from the first step or somewhere in the middle?
b)Is there a place in my funnel where traffic loops back to the beginning of the conversion process to start over?
c)Are there any steps in my conversion process that don’t perform well on mobile devices compared to desktop devices?
d)Are there a lot of unexpected exits from a step in the middle of my conversion funnel?
e)All of these can be answered using the goal flow report.


Q10. True or False: When you share a link to a custom report, you share the data in the report.
a)True. Sharing a link to a custom report shares the data in the report.
b)False. Sharing a link to a custom report only shares a template for the report.

在GA裡,不論是分享自訂報表或是Dash Broad都只會分享設定而不包涵任何的數據。


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