#Design2Letters [day 21]

TODAY…is Dr. Oliver Pepper’s THIRD birthday. Ollie was my right-hand pup up until last year when I decided it was best for the both of us for him to go live with my two dear friends Cory and Carly.

Regardless! TODAY. IS. HIS. BIRTHDAY. And because of that: O & D are the letters for today: Ollie Dog!

Step 1: Sketching!

Step 2: To the computer!

Luckily, a paw print was was relatively easy to create with the two letters, so that’s what I went with. I brought back some scribbles action and used Mistral for the letter D.

Black and White version

Step 3: Gimme some color!

Ollie is mostly black with some spots of white, so the first one was easy. I did another one that included W & F to well…create…Woof. Because…why not.

Final D & O
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