Ten Reasons to Narrow Your Target Market to One Ideal Client During Start Up

Many people think they need to cast a really big net in order to catch a lot of clients, and then hope they have enough of the right clients once they are done sifting through their catch of the day.

I’m going to invite you to instead, cast one pole with really awesome bait to catch really wonderful clients one and a time.

After repeatedly being able to attract and enroll clients consistently, then you can expand your reach, introduce more clients, and grow your business.

Instead of trying several different poles, bait, nets, and fishing grounds, figure out the one the works. Repeatedly get results, and then think about expanding and trying other tactics.

Instead of having to sift through hundreds of clients in your net, you’ll only have the best clients on your line because you used the good bait.

Doesn’t that sound way easier?

And, be honest. How many clients can you handle right now in this very moment?

When you narrow your ideal client down to one person specifically, you’ll find that…

  1. It’s easier to talk to one person than having a conversation with many different people at the same time.
  2. You’ll know where to find one person when you’re trying to market your services and attract more clients.
  3. Referral partners will know how to connect you with good leads when you are clear about who you want to work with.
  4. When you know what your ideal client’s symptoms are, you’re able to identify them very quickly and tailor your message directly to their needs.
  5. By using their language, your ideal clients will be attracted to you more quickly.
  6. When you attract clients more quickly, you invest less time marketing.
  7. By speaking to the right clients, the wrong clients won’t waste your time.
  8. Once you know your ideal client really well, you can move on to a second ideal client and serve more people.
  9. By serving one ideal client well, consistently, you’ll help them achieve better results and build momentum in your business.
  10. When you are known for working with one specific market, your reputation will spread and grow even stronger, leading to more clients and building momentum in your business.

And that momentum will lead to better results.

Bonus: Finding your ideal client also makes work WAY MORE FUN because you’re attracting the people you most want to work with. Cool, right?


Who’s your ideal client?

If you’re curious and want to learn more, I created a short video to explain this idea and invite you to get more clarity around who your ideal client is, what results they get from working with you, and how to find them easily.

It might sound counter-intuitive to cast one line at a time but… it works like a fat fresh worm every time.

Amanda H. Young, MBA, author of Finding Clarity: Design a Business You Love and Simplify Your Marketing, is known for helping creative entrepreneurs find the clarity they need to define their ideal clients, design a business they love, and support their families while enjoying the freedom of running a successful business. She provides much-needed focus and clarity to ambitious business owners who have unique talents to share with the world. By cutting through the clutter and getting to the core of her clients’ strengths and capabilities, Amanda aligns the services they provide with the people they are meant to serve and simplifies their message and marketing in a way that attracts clients effortlessly.