My name is Aman and i’am an enterpreneur, from the past four years I have been trying to develop new innovative product in automobile sector.

I started my first venture in 2013 named PRIGMA EDUTECH SERVICES It was solely inline to the training sector. We were delivering specially designed automobile training modules for engineering students. The idea was to develop the skills and knowledge of the young generation toward automobile so as they could get into Automobile OEM company with confidence of knowing the basics, a knowledge that no one teaches during graduation.

Today due to vast majority of people in education sector only focusing on generating money and selling incomplete information to the students that will drive the future world, will lead to a incompetent engineers.

BOLT EV is my idea toward bringing the electric automobile industry in India. Due to vast majority of population and the pollution drastically increasing, the solution I am proposing is quite simple, but effective. The number of two wheeler’s sold in India per year is close to 11 million and continue to rise. But due to competitive price of electric motorbike it may be hard to enter in economical zone, but I also have a solution to that. Pay less go more, a subscription based electric motorbike with the freedom to move within city and pay less for more travel and lastly all eco-friendly.

Who could support me in bringing the idea to reality. I am currently in design stage, working alone but that won’t matter, the day I get my bike prototyped. It will change the course of India’s history of creating technical Innovations .

I’ll update with time about the design and the specs.

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