Online media are suffering economically from the spread of adblocks.

Online media are suffering economically from the spread of adblocks. What is the situation? How can media thrive and survive the adblock threat?

The spread of Adblock is a big problem today for free online media which work with advertising, but it’s also a problem for creators on the web : I think about Youtubers who have a salary with ads before their videos.

The situation today is really complicated because the number of active users using adblockers is always in augmentation. On the statista website, we can see 21 millions of users with adblockers in January 2010 and 198 millions in June 2015. (

« The Web is free and need to stay free » is a quote which you can read a lot in articles about advertising on the internet, because it’s a fondamental key since the beginning of the Web. Today, without adblockers, some websites are submerged by displays and too much ads are intrusives. Since its creation, the Web continue to evolve : new concepts, new medias, new ways and utilisations…

Agree or not, the society works like that. Today, people use adblockers : it’s a fact. So, the society don’t want to have displays as before. But the digital can be adaptive to this changement with new ways to do online marketing to replace displays advertising. For example, we can see promote content of Youtube like collaborations between cosmetic brands and beauty videographers.

On the other hand, many websites use a technology to identify users with adblockers and block to them some contents. As Facebook, which think ads on the social media are not intrusive and can be useful because of cookies, it’s a huge problem to have this new way to consume social medias. It’s a reality for all big companies which build the internet of today : it changes the entire online advertising business model. PageFair estimated Google lost $6.6 billion in revenue last year to the hands of digital adblockers.

Why continue to use banners and pop-up ads when the public doesn’t want it anymore ? On mobile, the first plateform used to navigate right now (mobile before desktop in the world wide), Instagram is the best example of content sponsored by useful : a report of FastCompany shows that Instagram is « the most engagement and the highest conversion from browser to shopper » with the example “92 percent of luxury brands that post an average of 5.5 times a week on Instagram increase their customer base.” Solutions exist to work and survive with adblockers, it’s time for brands to take a new road, maybe less easy than displays but more effective nowadays.

Amandine Loiseleur