5 things to know before you date a (startup) entrepreneur

Tomorrow is my birthday. My partner had planned a surprise for weeks and I got really excited about it. 
But two days ago, he cancelled (postponed) the whole thing ! 
He tells me : “we got invited last minute to pitch to a really important startup challenge and I’m the one who pitches, you know baby…There will be those investors I had wanted to talk to for weeks and we really need to be there”.

Sounds familiar ? Casual day in an entrepreneur’s girlfriend’s life !

I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into when we started dating and yet I’m loving every bit of it now. 
Here are the 5 things I didn’t know before dating an entrepreneur but I wish someone had told me before I really got involved !

1. Embracing uncertainty is key

Whether it’s a call that interrupts your romantic diner or something bigger that unexpectedly upsets your next 2 years vision, you’ll have to learn to see the beauty in it. 
Uncertainty is scary. Letting go of the need to control everything helps you become more present and grateful with what you are experiencing right now, in the present moment. 
Learning to face uncertainty, welcome it, and embrace it not only makes you feel better but it opens the doors to amazing opportunities.

2. Be prepared to spend (a lot of) time by yourself

If you want a relationship to work, take time for yourself. That’s what relationships experts keep saying. 
Don’t you worry, dating an entrepreneur will give you plenty of space and alone time ! And this is good news as long as you keep a connection with your significant other. 
I use this “me time” to grow personally, do the things I love most — a.k.a yoga — and focus on my own projects (yes, I have some as well !). 
Doing the things that make me more alive makes the relationship even more vibrant !

3. Be ready to speak a whole new language

MVP, pivot, bootstrap, leverage, hack, roadmap, pitching, scalability, and other startup jargon nonsense will be part of your life from now on. 
It’s a good way to never stop learning, flirt a bit with the geek culture and show off your new vocabulary from time to time too ! 
Sometimes you even use the exact same words to describe an idea. Your friends and family will be like : what ?!

4. Technology will be your emotional ally

My boyfriend is always running off somewhere and I often catch him on the go. Today for example, I watched him pitch through a Facebook live. I could feel all the atmosphere and emotions from a distance. Technology is amazing, use it to feel closer to your partner !

5. Entrepreneurship is contagious

Before you know it, you’ll start developing your own projects, have bigger ambitions and hang out at business conferences to take your baby project to the next level. 
Good thing your partner knows the way and has gone through this rollercoaster before ! He will support you along the way and understand when you have to skip Sunday’s family brunch because you have to work. No kidding !

An entrepreneur is always improving his game and that’s what makes him so attractive ! Love what you do so passionately, that talking about it even on vacations is more than welcomed by your partner !

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