Performance is a topic with major ramifications for using a framework like React Native in real-world mobile applications. Simply put, React Native is fast by default. While working on a React Native app, however, you might experience performance issues.

Do not assume these issues can be fixed by testing components. In this post, we’ll offer a list of suggestions for optimizing performance while building a React Native app.

DO: Use an Image Caching Solution

React Native offers an Image component as part of its core set of components. …

The quality of a product is completely dependent on the process of how it’s built. Product development starts when a client specifies their requirements, and developing software requires the entire team to precisely define what that application is supposed to do.

Dealing with unknown or unclear requirements is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to managing a product. If the client is dissatisfied with the poor quality of the product or unmet expectations, this could force you to increase the cost of production to correct the product’s deficiencies. …

A company’s product development priorities should change as it increases in size and as its product increases in complexity. It is essential to have a roadmap for how your company will change as it grows.

A roadmap can be a simple guide for how your focus, priorities, and key decisions change when your business hits certain milestones. Companies without a roadmap often struggle because of the increased complexity that comes with sudden growth. These companies can become stuck or struggle to properly scale.

In this post, we are going to discuss the different priorities for each stage of development and…

A white label application is a service that is fairly common for mobile app development companies. It is a common approach for development agencies to choose to purchase a white-label app development from other teams, rebrand it, add custom content to that application according to a client’s requirements and needs, and then deliver them to their clients.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the best practices that cannot be overlooked by agency directors to ensure that the white label applications they have purchased are of high quality.

How to purchase a white label app

When purchasing a white label app, you should have…

When developing an application, a major factor in your app’s success is your choice of tech stack and how you plan to use it for the growth of both the product and your organization. Your tech stack has a large impact on scalability, and a poor choice can needlessly increase your costs or constrain development down the line.

In this post, we are going to explore how to choose a tech stack and which major factors to consider for long-term success on a given stack.

Tech stack as a growth factor

The term “tech stack” is used for both mobile and web applications. It is defined…

A majority of internet activity today happens on mobile devices. We use mobile apps for a range of needs including healthcare, commerce, entertainment, banking, and education. They are a fundamental part of everyday life.

Supporting accessibility in a mobile app for people with disabilities or special needs grants them the ability to enjoy the same conveniences as everyone else. Accessibility is a key consideration when designing services and products, but with no formal legislation around accessibility requirements, it could be easy to ignore impacted communities when designing and building apps.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to any mobile…

The amount of student data collected and stored by modern applications is enormous. If your business operates in the education industry and has embraced the digitization of records, there is a high chance that a mobile application is involved that collects and stores a student’s data.

A student’s data may contain an education record that consists of information related to report cards, grades, GPA, transcripts, medical records, disciplinary records, family contact information, class schedules, attendance records, psychological evaluation, and so on.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy and Act (FERPA) is a federal privacy law that gives parents or guardians…

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) governs how companies can capture and use data of their consumers. This act establishes new rights for every citizen living in the U.S. state of California. It is similar to GDPR in European Union (EU) region in terms of privacy rights. The CCPA is something that business owners have to consider because it applies to product or services databases, websites, and mobile apps.

To comply with the legislation, developers have to make sure that they are following all rules under CCPA when building a mobile app. …

A “white label” app is an application as a service that is developed by one company and then rebranded and sold to the clients of a different company. White label apps typically require minor customization in order to meet the needs of clients and allow them to use the app as their own product.

White label app development is a viable strategy for some development agencies because, although various clients have different design patterns and required functionalities in their applications, these patterns and functionalities can sometimes overlap. …

React Native is an open-source framework used to create cross-platform mobile applications. It uses JavaScript at its core and has a primitive API of components to build mobile interfaces and functionalities. At Crowdbotics, the React Native framework is an integral part of the RAD stack we offer through our visual app building tool called Crowdbotics App Builder.

This tool provides a number of visual tools for creating apps. The key features of the App Builder are listed below:

  • scaffold a new mobile app with a click
  • choose from a set of pre-defined templates suitable for various design interfaces as well…

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