Making a mark in your job applications

Times have changed, as so is the process of recruiters. During our own screening process at, I observed what mistakes candidates were making. There were so many applications that only a few things stand out and help make our decision.

Ghost is a new CMS very similar to Wordpress. Is it Good or bad or just another generation of WordPress.

Not to confuse with Ghosting Wordpress

I have been playing around with Ghost recently. I am a Wordpress lover, But sometimes to remain better you need to observe the competition too. WordPress has many alternatives, still, I consider Ghost to be the most emerging one.

Wordpress began itself has a blogging service but then evolve into a very dynamic CMS capable of doing many things like E-commerce, subscription, publication, forums, and more. …

This read has everything you ever wanted to know to get started with your startup idea with no investment.

It’s been a while since I am in the start-up league. Over the course of time, I have made multiple mistakes, while making good decisions. Often, I am asked, how to start with a start-up idea? Of course, there is no simple answer to that. Most importantly, it’s your validated idea and second is your willpower. There are some good reads that can help you in getting the basics right such as Zero to One and The 4 Steps to Epiphany.

Getting better internship opportunities and getting most out of them.

The internship is the first and most important step in one’s career path. It gives a first glance of the work culture and helps in gaining confidence in deciding the right career for you. There will be hardly anyone who hasn’t done at least one internship. But the most important part is finding a good one and then making the most out of it. I did 5 internships in 3 college years that too traveling across 13 countries around the world and all self-funded. I can’t emphasize enough on what…

Analytics is very important to track the performance of your web app. In a single page application, you would like to see the changing URL in Google Analytics Dashboard but as the page path changes, it doesn’t loads and sends the data automatically. Hence Just including the Google Analytics script tag won’t work. In this guide, I would take you through each step that you need in order to set up Google analytics with reach router that sends real-time data on each page change.

Reach router is a small, simple router for React that borrows from React Router, Ember, and…

Did you ever wonder how cool it will be if you can run things above your actual code without fiddling on your deployed servers? You might be thinking why would you even need that and there can be many reasons. It can be you want to redirect the app to different URL for mobile, want to add some additional tags in the head, give a response before running the code and many more. Serverless scripting is the way to do it.


Serverless scripting (a.k.a. Edge Scripting) is a Script ( In any language, commonly JS ) run on serverless computes…

There are a lot of hosting platforms to choose from these days. If you have just started building your web app and don’t know much about what hosting to choose, this read will help you understand about hosting services and also which one makes more sense to choose. This comes from what we learnt when testing our beta apps at Twimbit.

The biggest trap

There is always a time while developing web apps when you have this dilemma about which stack to choose. We usually have to trade-off between the performance (faster load times) or aesthetics ( the user experience ). All frameworks have there pros and cons and I don’t choose to favor one over another. But instead of choosing a single stack, I thought it would be cool to try something new and go with a paired tech stack. In this read, you will be able to see the why and Ifs to both of these technologies and how you can make…

Chrome is the favorite browser among all categories, but what it makes for developers too is the features it provides to the developer community. With the statement of bringing always fresh and exciting tools for the developers let’s see what can we expect from chrome in 2020. They got announced at the Indian web community lead summit and Google for Mobile conference last week so chances are you won’t find this information anywhere else.

Why should you choose web apps and How to make them. From my learning experience at Twimbit and Regular talk shows.

The Why ?

Why no to native?

There were times when the world was crazy about Native apps. The excitement people use to have on having the best apps on their phone. Native apps provided the developer with the flexibility to reach the highest level of UI experience without comprising much on performance. Soon the apps got bulkier and people start losing interest in downloading the apps or keeping up with them. …

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