10 Podcasts for Black Women to Secure your Self-Development

From adulting, self-care and emotional healing, these podcasts highlight everything in-between to help you grow into your best self.

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

As we learn a little more about ourselves each day, it is important that we open our minds to new and fresh perspectives. On our journey through self-development, it’s inevitable that we will meet face-to-face with the most unfamiliar and vulnerable parts of ourselves. Thankfully, in the face of uncertainty we can seek clarity and learn by listening to the experiences of the many women around us.

Podcasts have become an increasingly popular tool for sharing current events, self-help tips and also ignite conversations that go beyond the surface. Although hosted by Black women, this curated list of podcasts is relatable to everyone as the road to self-development has no limits. If not all, there will be on to keep in rotation during your daily commute.

Let’s get into this magic, shall we?

  1. Black Girl In Om

Hosted by Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory, Black Girl In Om is your go to podcast for all things wellness and self-love. Featured guests have included holistic lifestylists, yogis and clean beauty experts.

2. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Hosted by Oprah Winfrey herself, SuperSoul Conversations provides encouragement for us to not only dig deeper into ourselves, but also the world around us. While inviting women to reach their full potential, featured guests have included best-selling authors, thought leaders and spirit luminaries.

3. Therapy for Black Girls

Host Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D., has episode topics that include discussions on colorism and texturism, healing after childhood sexual abuse, emotional eating and more. Therapy for Black Girls highlights all things mental health, the honest truths about therapy sessions and even the small choices we can make to be our best selves.

4. KnowTheZodiac

Host Dosse-Via, highlights astrology as a tool for self-awareness and enlightenment. Episodes discuss friendship compatibility, setting new moon intentions along with providing your in depth monthly horoscope readings.

5. Hey, Girl

Host Alex Elle, creates space for women to share their stories and experiences on love, loss and self-care. Each episode holds in-depth and intimate conversations, while also shedding light on sisterhood.

6. Gettin’ Grown

Hosts Tykeia Nicole and Jade, embrace the beauty and complexities of adulting, all the while journeying through life in their 30-Somethings.

7. Black Girls Being

Hosts Amira Rasool and Sophia discuss young Black womanhood, relationships and also bring awareness to current events happening around us. Black Girls Being highlights the beauty of Black girls who are fun-loving, intelligent, angry and artistic.

8. My Taught You Podcast

Host Myleik Teele shares her insight and experiences on the challenging life lessons she’s encountered. Myleik also gives tips on her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and living her best life.

9. The Brown & Boujee Podcast

Hosts Brittany Antoinette, Danielle and Tyesha each enjoy self-care while balancing their life roles as mothers, friends, entrepreneurs and daughters. Episodes discuss finding balance, toxic relationships, celebrities and more.

10. Inner Hoe Uprising

Hosts Samantha Riddell, Rob, Akua and Rebecca, all in their 20-Somethings discuss everything in-between sex, love, dating and body positivity. Episodes explore polygamy, open relationships, transgender experiences and more.