Planning To Buy The Best Smartphone? Opt For Easy EMI Options

Needless to say, smartphones make our lives easy. Today’s phone is much more than just a phone. It works like a mini computer and we can use it beyond making calls and sending messages. From sending emails and editing documents to clicking impromptu moments and watching movies, a smartphone is what you need to make your life (both personal and professional) easy.

There’s no harm in investing in an expensive smartphone as the features that you’ll get by investing in the best are worth your money. Options are many when it comes smartphones and it’s difficult to make a choice as most of these are loaded with features. While all these features are more than alluring, the price is one factor that you need to consider.

However, with an EMI option, you can go well beyond your budget and purchase a smartphone that you have always wanted. Buying smartphone on EMI isn’t uncommon as people choose features over price. Here are some of the best options you have:

iPhone 7 Plus

The list of the best smartphone is incomplete without mentioning Apple phones. Sleek and good-looking, this smartphone doesn’t need any introduction. It has gorgeous water-resistant and iterative design, dual camera, a blazing fast processor, and iOS 10, if you want the best smartphone to be in your pocket, then this is what you need to order today.

This might be expensive for many. However, smartphone EMI offers make it affordable and this is what you should look for.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This is probably the other best smartphone that you can consider. Boasting a dual curved display, the screen bends around both the sides in this phone. Along with an amazing display, it has the best camera, a cartoonish UI, fingerprint magnet, decent battery life, and offers an excellent performance.

If you’re planning to buy a smartphone on EMI, the this is a great option. Opt for an EMI card to make such a purchase.

Google Pixel XL

Can’t think of your life without virtual assistants? What better option you have than Google? Google Pixel XL has a big screen and has an excellent camera that lets you take pictures with the perfect colour and contrast. Powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processor, this is one of the best mobile phones that you can buy. The fact that the virtual assistant and the software work in perfect harmony with the hardware makes this a brilliant phone.

If you don’t like a large screen, you can opt for 5.0-inch Pixel as well that has the same features. Look for offers on smartphone to get this at the best price.

OnePlus 3T

This is probably the only smartphone that has broken the dominance of the big brands. Absolutely worth its price, this phone offers a HD screen, a decent camera, a fingerprint sensor, and loads of powerful specs.

If you are looking for a powerful smartphone that isn’t expensive, OnePlus 3T is a great choice.

How to Buy Smartphones On EMI Without Credit Card?

In order to buy mobile on EMI scheme without a credit card, you need to apply for an Bajaj Finserv EMI Card. This card works like a pre-approved loan in your wallet and lets you purchase smartphones, TVs, washing machines, and a lot more.

You can apply for the card online and start looking for mobile phone EMI offers. Once you get the card, you can purchase even the most expensive phone and pay the price in EMI.

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