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My Emotional Pitfalls

How My Emotions Drag Me Down Daily

I am an extremely emotional human being and I hate it.

Many people do not see how sensitive I am because I am successful, driven and hardworking, so they assume I must have a thick skin on all fronts…absolutely not true.

I take failure badly.

I use to wallow in failure, but I am working on not doing that anymore. I use to use self-pity as an excuse for self sabotage, yet again, I am trying not to do that anymore.

I am sensitive at home.

I expect a certain amount of attention and can take things personally, much more easily than in the public eye. This is a part of my personality that I feel tends to stay at home. At work, I thrive on constructive criticism and seek it out, but at home, do not tell me that I am messy, sloppy or a bad house partner.

I take what certain people say very badly.

If a loved one, or someone I look up to hurts me, or says something which inadvertently hurts me, I harbour that pain for weeks or months and sometimes years. I have been working at mentally sweeping away the negative thought, but it sneaks in there, from time to time.

My partner told me the other day that I am too sensitive for certain things and finally, I believe them. I take things to heart. I struggle when I see others struggle. I take on other people’s pain and cannot compartmentalize it well.

I am working at using my emotions to my advantage.

I have a lot of empathy. I like helping people. I enjoy being in-tune with my emotions, but I am tired of them swallowing me up and drowning in them.

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