9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

Aman Mishra
Apr 6, 2018 · 4 min read

When was the last time you tried something new? Go out of your way to expose yourself to new things and it will totally change the way you live your life. Don’t believe us? Try at least one new thing every single day for a month and see what happens. It’s a challenge we encourage you to take.

Why Job Seekers Need To Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone

There are countless reasons to try new things in your life. Trying something new doesn’t mean that you have to risk life and limb. No, trying new things just means you need to experience something different.

Who knows? Here’s why you should never be afraid to try new things, or at least why you should suck it up and try them even if you are a bit scared:

1. Because No One Ever Accomplished Anything By Letting Their Fear Conquer Them

Try more things and be more open to different things in order to succeed at living a full and fun life. Don’t let “no” and “I can’t” define your existence. Embrace new things with open arms and positivity, because you never know where a scary-seeming task might lead you.

2. Because You’ll Be More Interesting

The more things you try, the more things you know about, and the more dynamic you’ll become both for yourself, and in socializing too.

3. Because You Love yourself

When something new isn’t life threatening, then what have you got to lose? There’s really only room to grow and gain, and considering you only get one shot at this, you might as well make the most of it.

4. Because you have Hidden talents inside you

The saying ‘you never know until you try’ is thrown about in modern cultures, but there is a vast amount of truth and value to that sentiment. Saying yes to an activity such as surfing, means not only is there opportunities to meet new people and have fun, but you may even discover a hidden talent.

5. Because It Will Give You Self Confidence

Even if you are absolutely rubbish at an activity you’ve plucked up enough courage to try — it simply doesn’t matter. Being bold, brave and fearless in your approach to life will ensure a sense of self and achievement. The fact of the matter is, whatever you try you will come out with more experience and probably a few life lessons learnt as well! These things combined will empower your self-belief and you will relish in even the smallest of victories in the future.

6.Because You Never Know What You Might Find

And if you do like the new thing you’ve tried, well, then you’ve opened yourself up to a whole new world of wonder. But you’ll never know if you never try.

7. Because You Don’t Want To Live With Regrets

Have you ever been presented with something new and daunting and said no, only to walk away wishing you had’ve said yes? I certainly have. It’s especially awful to watch other people gleefully doing/excelling at something you were too afraid to try, because it gives you the distinct sense that you’ve completed failed yourself by being a scaredy cat. The best way to not regret the things you didn’t do is to do them.

8. Because you have to do your Character-building

People who embrace change and new things are a lot more interesting to hold a conversation with than those who don’t. You’ll be surprised at the number of everyday conversations you’ll be able to relate back to ‘that one time when…’ and this can boost the social skills of even the most timid of characters! The more experience you get in different areas, the more you have to talk about and, as a result, the wider your social circles.

9. Because you have to Breaks up the routine of life

Trying new things will break you daily boring routine and give you happiness. It will start your day with new refreshment and change your perspective of watching this world. You”ll get fulfilled with the positive vibes and make your day as best as possible.

There are numerous reasons to try something new, so what’s holding you back? Don’t be afraid of new experiences. Since you only live once, don’t live your life with regrets. Push your comfort zone and try new things. You’ll find that you’ll start to look forward to what comes next.

When you try new things, it might even help you find a job. You might meet more people or find a way to connect with a job interviewer. So try new things and see how it will positively impact your life.