Why should you travel alone?

  • When you travel alone, you spend a considerable amount of time with yourself which is very rare in today’s over-intrusive world. You introspect into your life. A self-exploratory trip is priceless."Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself."
  • Traveling alone makes you value your relationships more. When you are away from your friends and family, you realize their true importance in your lives.
  • Traveling alone makes you an independent, more responsible person. The planning and execution rests solely on your shoulders, and you are the one who is responsible for all the consequences. Sometimes you have to change yourself to adapt to certain situations. These all qualities get carved into your character and makes you a far better person.
  • A solo trip filled with challenges takes your confidence level to a whole new level. You develop the belief that nothing is out of reach of you.
  • Traveling alone helps you be you. You don't have to put on that mask when you are surrounded with your friends, family, and colleagues. You can sing a funny song, wear a cloth YOU like, talk to yourself, gaze aimlessly at everything, and no one will ever judge you.
  • You will meet some amazing fellow travelers, make new friends and learn about their passions and culture and share yours.
  • You will interact more with the locals and know about their traditions, food, costume, and languages. These will not happen very often if you travel in groups.
  • When you come out of the virtual world of smartphones, facebook and whatsapp, you realize what reality is. You will observe people, and their way of life. You experience freedom.
  • Traveling alone can save your money. You are not bound to choose the expensive accommodation, transport, and food like everyone. You can customize the trip just for yourself.
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