In this world of technology making smart decisions has become critical in building a successful business. With the help of some smart technology tools like business analytics and business intelligence we can take a smart decision, but it also giving insights of business and tells about its future journey. By taking help of these intelligent technology, organisation can find remunerative clients, enhance supply chain, cost cutting areas and find the real factors of best financial performance.

Analytics is a technique of transformation data into a useful result which helps organisations to understand business performance and give decisions which emphasis on productivity and its optimization. By using business analytics, organisation can improve its business practice as effective as possible. Investment in business analytics gives you the power to get crucial information to Business by improving their capability to make the good and smart decision at right time and generating a competitive advantage.

The success of analytics depends on various factors like structure of organisation, management and business planning

Some of the ingredients of business analytics are:

§ Visualization

§ Optimization

§ Predictive modelling

§ Decision forecasting

§ Data mining

§ Business performance

§ Statistical analysis

Now, how business analytics helps in business gain? Planned solution to unstructured data and unfamiliar circumstances, ability to take business challenges and ability to run business-wide profitability and productivity improvements

To be more specific, the profit of Business Analytics is:

§ Acceleration in decision-making

§ Cost efficiency

§ Improvement in customer service

§ Improvement in competitiveness

§ Enhancement in resource with strategy

§ Better ROI

§ Coordinating operational strategy

§ Simplified inventory management

Organisation who wants to be winners and are ahead of competitors, inform their decision with business analytics. It is a fact that business analytics is a very helpful tool and it’s a key differentiator to competitive advantage and for better performance in business.

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