The angusih in me is killing you

For the thousand times over cz u said it’s over between me and you

Two words ! U said are enough to let each other go

Just cz u aren’t comfortable and okay ! I just feel the same though

U decide the faith of us just to let me cry

And here I am trying to find solace in why u did this ! I just don’t know why !

I cry I shout I weep and sob so that this night may pass

But who said it would be this easy to cross the paths !

Two sides of me are intruding today

One is on ur side the other is on my way

How badly I want u to stay ; even if it’s a myth I know

Just say u love me enough ; though deep in my heart I would know this is a no

But who cares apparently I see us together that make me feel okay

I may not smile but this would still make me feel okay

U aren’t there on the happier end of love ! Cz u have figured I am not the one

The second part of me cries and dies seeing u go !

Oh girl how I wish I could have adjusted to ur no !

I want u to be happy ; to fly ! But the selfish me isn’t allowing u to go

And I can’t figure out why !

What’s paining is I give u all I had still my best wasn’t enough for something u wish I should have

So holding the breathe I would let u ! And I am letting u go

Just to realise and regret

Why I accepted ur NO !

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