3.1 Data Modelling

What is Data Modelling?

Data modeling is often the first step in database design and object-oriented programming as the designers first create a conceptual model of how data items relate to each other. Data modeling involves a progression from conceptual model to logical model to physical schema.

Last week has been all about setting up a local development environment. Now,My next task is to make the data models for my web-app which I mentioned in my 1st-week blog about App Idea and it’s Prototype and add relevant tables to my project in hasura-console.

First of all, I’ve to make schema of our database model for my web-app with a online tool named PonyORM, suggested by our mentor .


PonyORM is a easy tool for making schema for database model graphically and also provide its schema code in different languages (such as Python, SQLite, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle).

The Data Model For my Webapp is:

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