Crio.Do believes in doing: My experience

Crio is an innovative learning platform that runs on the philosophy of: You read it once and you remember it for a day, you do it and you remember for a lifetime.

I have completed the System Design and QReview modules of Crio. They are a great introduction to the basics of their respective technologies.

QReview incorporates using python for using API’s and integrating it with an app. There is also a really nice section using Clarify API to give automated tag suggestions to the image of a food item. The instructions were clear so even an absolute novice can do it and challenging enough that experienced web developers had something to feel motivated about.

The best parts of the module were interacting with other developers and helping out on the forum page.

The system design micro experience was very much in depth and constituted of the basics of setting up a GCP account and using it to set up a virtual machine and running Apache web server on said machine. The questions asked were of interview level and required you to think carefully before answering.

It had the basics such as simply changing the landing page of apache server as well as understanding about DNS and setting up an HTTP DNS server on our webpage. There was also a very interesting section on using cache to make downloading and display of large images faster and more effective.

Overall, it was a very informative session, suited for beginners and pros alike.