How to improve communication gaps

I love to share wisdom with anecdotes from my daily life that help my beloved team to better understand the lesson.

So, today's anecdote:

Communication Gap is when the meaning intended by the speaker or sender is not what is understood by the recipient.
There is a person close to me, whenever we communicate.. Most of the time it turns out that the other person gets frustrated because I could not reply to him in the way he expects. For example if he asks me what comes after A I'd say G.

No, I am not stupid! I said G because the way he asked me what comes after A was not clear to my mind and hence it couldn't equate or interpret it.

This is more common than we think when seen in our daily lives. People ask something and we respond something else which leaves the communication highly ineffective. And if both the people communicating don't have good Emotional Intelligence, it is not very astonishing to find them in continuous arguments and disregarding.

Have you heard the about the law of cause and effect?

It applies to communication as well. If you get a stupid answer in return it is because you are not an effective communicator.

Remember, shitty arrangement of words, incomplete sentences, exclusion or inclusion of words, improper tone, etc all lead to ineffective communication that means you will not get your desired response.

Your ability to get the desired response by communicating to the other person decides the effectiveness of your communication.

You are the cause. Stop assuming that the other person is stupid because he "couldn't get you"

It's your mistake if people cannot interpret you and give you your desired response.

The cause/speaker/talker is stupid not the listener. It is his disability to explain the idea to another person in the way he gets it.

Take responsibility of your communication. Improve your skills, people are not stupid.. You are stupid.

Or else stay dissatisfied with your communication for your entire life.

BTW, Did you know that the number one factor that predicts the success of a relationship is communication? I bet not, checkout this video where I talk about the research where psychologists find out the 2 predictors of lasting relationship, a study done in university of south pacific

Take this wisdom and Optimize your life today.

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